Best Vehicles for Colorado Mountains

The Best Vehicles for Colorado Mountains

Get the Most out of Colorado With the Best Mountain Vehicles

The beauty of Colorado is always looming above you. Do you have the right vehicle to embrace it?

Whether you’re off-roading through Colorado’s natural beauty or braving the winter weather along I-70, you’ll want to make sure you’re driving the best vehicles for Colorado mountains. Properly equipped cars, trucks, and SUVs can handle the challenges that come with living in the Rocky Mountain State. Four-Wheel Drive (4WD), All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and tailored amenities are reliable indicators of the best cars and vehicles for Colorado.

AWD vs. 4WD

AWD or 4WD is essential for any vehicle you take into the Rockies. AWD is designed to use all four tires at once, with systems in place to monitor the loss of traction and distribute power as needed. This automated system works best with more agile cars, and can deftly handle slippery roads. 4WD may lack the automatic compensation of AWD, but the system makes up for it with more power to climb steep grades and crawl out of deep snow. This option is the sturdier mechanism and may allow the driver to turn the feature off to improve fuel economy. Whether your are purchasing new or used, when looking for the best car, truck or SUV for Colorado mountain driving, make sure the model you pick has AWD or 4WD.

Fit for High-Altitude Adventure

To complete the setup, pay close attention to the gear that rounds-out your vehicle package. Tires are the single point of connection between your ride and the road, and the proper style can keep you moving safely in the mountains. A good suspension will allow for a comfortable ride through tight turns, over high passes, or on the toughest switchbacks. Other hallmarks of the best vehicles for the Colorado mountains are additions like trailer hitches for towing, storage space for passengers or supplies, and roof racks for additional gear. For off-roading, remember to look for specialized enhancements like satisfactory ground clearance, protective skid plates, and strong tow points.


Popular Vehicle Makes for Colorado


  • You can’t throw a rock in Colorado without hitting a Subaru, and for good reason. The AWD that Subaru is known for offers enhanced stability and quick response time. With updated models like the Crosstrek and Forester focusing on off-road capabilities, Subaru is aiming to keep their cars some of the best vehicles for Colorado mountain driving for years to come.


  • A favorite of Coloradans for its storied ability to take any beating in stride, Toyota has a slew of vehicles ready to take on the outdoors, from the 4Runner SUV to the Tacoma pickup. With plenty of perks inside and out, these reliable vehicles will keep you comfortable around the city and get you to higher altitudes year after year.


  • Jeeps are the poster-child for adventuring off the beaten path. Universal models like the Wrangler or Cherokee never look out of place at the trail head. Those with the Trail Rated® crest have cleared rigorous testing for traction, maneuvering, ground clearance, water fording, and off-road articulation, to ensure they can handle any pass in the Colorado mountains.


  • Just as common a sight around town as on the ranch, the Dodge Ram has the power to get you through the toughest challenges, with enough options to suit your price range. Models are easily prepared for the back-country with an array of features to compliment the power available under the hood.

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