Preparing Your Car for Winter

Colorado has one of the most beautiful winter seasons in the world, but don’t let them catch you unprepared. Doing some simple preparations now will make sure you are ready to embrace and enjoy the cold season in the Rockies.

Check Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

Make sure your tires are in proper working order by checking your tire pressure and tread depth. Your car manual will have the recommended tire pressure levels. Unscrew the cap on your tire, then press the gauge into the valve to get a reading. Properly inflated tires not only assist with fuel efficiently, but also aids in traction in the colder months.

A great way to ensure your tires are prepared for winter driving is the Lincoln test. Put a penny in the groove between your tread with Lincoln’s head going toward the tire. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, it is probably time to replace your tires before the snow starts to blow.

Lastly, consider having your snow tires put on before winter officially arrives. You want to be prepared for the first snow, not struggling to make it through any surprise Colorado storms.

Use Winter Windshield Wiper Fluid

Ordinary wiper fluid might not be up to the tall task of keeping your windshield clear when the temperature dips into freezing temperatures. It can freeze upon contact, making it useless in the winter months. Preparing your vehicle for winter means switching to a fluid that is designed for the season and will stay liquid when sprayed. This will help weaken ice, loosen snow, and make your windshield that much easier to keep clear while you go driving in a winter wonderland.

Switch to a Winter-Grade Oil

Cold temperatures slow everything down, including your oil. That same oil that flows nicely through your car in the summer months can become thick and bog down your engine once the weather turns. You will want a thinner oil, or lower weight oil, once the temperatures drop. Consider switching to a cold-weather oil with an appropriate viscosity grade. If you’re running 10W-30 when the temperatures are hot, think about using a 5W-30 to help your car run smoothly when things get frigid.

Check Your Battery

Your battery is of crucial importance when prepping your car for winter – a weak charge won’t do you much good against the cold. If your battery is older than three years, it is time to have a repair shop test its ability to hold a charge to make sure your car will start when you’re fighting the morning cold.

Checking that the connections are stable and corrosion-free is another important part in winter car preparedness. You may need to clean off any corrosion with a toothbrush dipped in vinegar or lemon juice. Finally, check that your battery has the proper water level, and add distilled water to make up the difference.

These little things can make all the difference once the cold months move in, so make sure you prepare your car for winter driving for whatever weather Colorado has planned. Book your appointment with our capable service team to make sure your car is in top shape for the winter ahead.